A Journey through AI, Data Science, and Beyond…

Hello! I’m Rikzy Jezuli, an undergraduate delving deep into the intricate realms of AI and Data Science. As someone who possesses an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a unique perspective, owing to my ADHD and autism, I’ve found solace in numbers, algorithms, and the endless loops of programming.

🔍 My Interests

💡 Navigating Life with ADHD & Autism

Being neurodivergent has presented its challenges, but it’s also been my strength. My unique lens on the world has shaped how I learn, think, and interact. Here, I share my experiences, the tools I use to navigate my academic and personal life, and insights that may resonate with many.

Data Visualization: Bridging the Gap Between Numbers and Intuition

Dive into the world where raw data meets aesthetic design, making complex statistics accessible and intuitively understandable.

Stoicism in Modern Times: The Power of Perspective

Explore the timeless teachings of Stoicism and how they offer clarity and resilience in our fast-paced, modern life.

The ADHD Brain: Harnessing Hyper-focus in Coding

Discover the unique intricacies of the ADHD mind, and how hyper-focus can be channeled into coding brilliance.

✉️ Let’s Connect

Engage with me, share your thoughts, or simply reach out to discuss AI, philosophy, and life. Dive into my world and let’s embark on this journey of discovery together.